What is the 402-935-7733 number for? Does your recent check on your bank account transaction history show this number? If so, is there any chance that this number looks familiar to you? How about remembering some recent online transactions that you made for the last month?

PayPal Legit or Fraud

The 402-935-7733 is basically of PayPal customer service, but it is not as simple as that. If you question about its legitimacy, we have some ways to help you figure out what to do. So hold off on reporting your credit card as stolen or your bank account as compromised. You could end up getting into more trouble than actually fixing it or figuring it out.

When Is 402-935-7733 Legit

Let’s start first on figuring out if it is legit. There are some pointers on how to recognize a scam. You just have to realize all your recent and previous purchasing activities. So let’s start with the simplest and the most obvious questions.

Have you made any online transaction within this past month?

  • Remember any hint or any online shopping you visited of late?
  • Did you buy anything from online?
  • Did you lend your credit card to any one of your family or your girlfriend?
  • Do you remember the name of the merchant you purchased the item?

If a memory comes to mind, it should be the answer that you are looking for. Even if you do not have a PayPal account, some merchants use PayPal as their mode of payment. And therefore, it could still be possible that the 402-935-7733 number will appear on your bank statement. If you are looking to activate PayPal card, that is not the number to contact.

Was your credit card balance sufficient when you bought something online?

Another probable reason that you are seeing the 402-935-7733 number on your bank statement is that you run out of credits on your credit card. Since credit cards are often connected to your bank account, this is a typical scenario. If the merchant is using PayPal for some of its transaction, this number will also pop up on your bank statement.

Is this really possible even if you do not have a PayPal account?

The answer to this question is a definite “Yes”. It does not always have to be the other person in order for PayPal to charge you for any online purchases. And sometimes, even ordinary transactions from a café or restaurant can bill you through PayPal if they are using the platform for charges.

When Is 402-935-7733 Fraud

Now this question is the part where you should be very cautious. While all the points discussed above can somehow put your mind at ease, they are not always favorable to you. There are some loopholes and schemes that fraudulent transactions can occur. Check these situations as this might happen to you if you are not too careful.

When Scammers Use 402-935-7733 as Mask

With today’s technology, it is easy to mask your online transactions with any name that you want to use. And in many cases, scammers change their name to 402-935-7733 or even directly use the PayPal name to make their actions look like a legitimate transaction.

So when you see these numbers, it is still best that you double-check for assurance. Check your email for a related transaction or perhaps check your receipts. Did you know that a lot of people do not keep their receipts? This is a good call-for-actions if you are one of those individuals that throw away their receipts after every transaction.

When you know you did not make any purchase recently

The best way to identify that you just got scammed is when you are certain that you did not do any transaction recently with your credit card. Yes, it is time to get worried and report the incident to involved authorities such as your bank or credit card customer service.

This is of course only applies if you are that certain about this fact. Because if you turn out mistaken and you really did make that transaction, you would only get your credit card closed and you will have to apply again for your card’s reactivation.

Other Issues

These worries and questioning could have been prevented if only PayPal and your bank account can specify more details about the charged transaction. A simple solution like naming the exact item that was purchased will be a great help. But frequently, it is not the case. You will just be served with the 402-935-7733 and the amount of charge that incurs with it.

So you will end up asking questions and sometimes go online like what you are doing right now reading this article. Let’s hope PayPal and banks statements will be more transparent on all occasions and not just for specific transactions only.

In Conclusion

The best prevention that you can do to avoid these scams and frauds is to never give out your credit card info on lesser secured websites. Choose to be cautious, and you will be safer with your finances.

And if all is confirmed and you did get scammed, stop wasting time and report the incident to your bank or credit card host. This will prevent further damages and even a chance to take back the money they stole from your account.

So what made you come here on this page? What is the story that brought you here? Tell us in the comment section so that we along with the other readers could help you out.

If you have questions and other concerns that you think is a valuable share for this article’s topic, feel free to leave it in the comment section as well. We will read them and get back to you if we think we can help you out.

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  1. This 402-935-7733 is the one that is considered the legit merchant number and also one of their customer service number. But the scammer will try to get all the sensitive information about your financial accounts. So if you see this phone number on your bank account statement. REQUIRE/REPORT AND FILE A DISPUTE. Always make sure multiple times.

    • Yes this was used by a scammer, it’s the number that’s posted with the fraudulent PayPal transaction on my online banking.


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