It’s not possible to have a direct fund transfer from your Amazon Gift card to your PayPal. Though, you may use your Paypal funds in Amazon. However, we suggest that you can just exchange your gift cards to add funds on your PayPal cash.

There are some people who consider selling their gift cards to people who buy them over the internet. However, we don’t recommend those practice as there are a lot of online scammers lurking around. We advise that only sell your gift cards to those you really know well.

Exchange gift cards through

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t want to use their Amazon gift card for shopping, then will help you get it done.

What is

Sellmegiftcard is an online marketplace for digital gift cards based in San Francisco, USA. Their core service is to help people cash out their remaining balance from gift cards to their PayPal accounts. They also offer discounted shopping on Amazon.

Steps-by-Step Process

Here’s how to exchange your Amazon gift cards with PayPal cash:

  1. Fill in your gift card details which include the gift card brand, date of expected receipt of funds, gift card remaining balance, PayPal information and contact information.
  2. Make sure to double check your gift card information. Once finalized, you can then submit the form in the website,
  3. Once the balance is verified, funds will then be transferred to your PayPal account.

In Conclusion

We hope that you’ll finally make use of your Amazon gift card balance. If you’ve done successful transactions in exchanging your gift cards, let us know in the comments and we’d love to hear about it.

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