Change of lifestyle sometimes requires a bigger income and an even bigger credit limit. If you are using the Chase credit card, asking to increase your credit limit is easy. That is if you meet the required status of your credit limit then perhaps you can hope for an increase.

Chase Increase My Line

Let me clear things up first. As I have mentioned, asking for a credit increase is not the same as getting approved or have your card activated. If your request gets approved, then that is good for you. Also, you have to have your Chase card verified and a long time account holder.

Although it seems like qualifying for a credit increase sounds like an instant reply from automated customer service, it is not. You will have to meet some requirement and a particular credit score with regards to your credit standing.

In this article, we will be talking about how Chase cardholders can qualify and get approved to a credit increase. We all know that an extra mileage makes a lot of difference when it really counts.

Even if you do not need the increased credit limit yet, it is always better to be prepared when you need it the most. So here are the important factors that you need to consider first before you can ask to increase Chase credit limit.

Qualifying to Increase Chase Credit Limit

Just because you want an increase Chase credit limit does not mean that it will be granted. That is not how the system works. Before you can request and demand a Chase credit increase, you have to be a Chase account holder for more than six months. It does not end there. Here are more factors, so you will know you have a higher chance for Chase credit limit increase.

Good Credit Standing

  • A good credit standing means you are paying all your dues prior or on time. If you have a record of pending bills and debts, that is never a good sign. And asking for a credit increase with a bad credit reputation means you will most likely not getting approval any time soon.

Boost Your Income

  • If you had your salary increased for the last months, you could use your latest pay slip to update your Chase profile and account. You may call and inquire on how to do this when you next call Chase customer service hotline. So when you finally ask for a credit increase in the near future, you will have a better chance of getting an approval. Bigger salary means you can afford to pay more.

Schedule Payments

  • The best way to never lose track of your bills is to set them scheduled through your bank account. Scheduling payments through your bank account mean you will never have to miss dues, and you can pay on a regular basis.

Controlled Expenditures

  • Another boost of credit standing is if you rarely max out your Chase credits. That means for most of the time, spend around 30% or less of your monthly credit. If you always max out your credit limit means that you are having a hard time handling your financial capability.

How to Request for Credit Increase

Before you request for a credit increase, make sure that you know your current credit limit. If you do not know it yet, you may check by accessing your account from

Check your current balance and your available credit, add them together, and you will get your total credit limit. Now, getting that out of the way here is how to request a Chase credit increase.

Call Chase Customer Hotline

  • When you call Chase customer service hotline, you should know what to say beforehand. When they ask you why you deserve a credit increase, you can use three good reasons for that:
  1. Recent income increase
  2. You are a long-term and loyal Chase credit card user.
  3. You pay your bill on time.
  • Make a reasonable request when you ask for a credit increase. If your current limit is at $1,000, do not ask for $10,000 or more. If you do that, you will most likely get declined. The proper asking increase should just be around 10%-25% of your current limit.
  • Be polite when making a request. Even if you are the customer, you do not have the right to be rude to your fellow human being just because you feel like you are entitled. Besides, getting the good side of a person on the other end of the line will most likely result in a positive response.

Apply for New Chase Credit Card

  • You can increase your credit limit if you apply for another Chase credit card. This will not only get you more perks and bonuses, but this will also give you more allowance for a credit limit.

Ask for Balance Transfer

  • Here is another option to get your credit limit increased. You can request for a balance transfer from your other credit cards especially if it is also from Chase. This way, you will better manage your financial expenses and pay a lower interest rate.

Wait for the Increase to Happen Naturally

  • If you are not yet aware of this fact, let us be the one to tell you. Chase is always monitoring credit standings of their account holders. So if you are taking care of your credit allowances and monitoring your expenditures, you will be rewarded naturally. That means you will get a credit increase by just keeping a positive credit score.

In Conclusion

Just like we have pointed out earlier, having a bigger credit limit means you can have better allowance when you need it the most. It is like extra money for the rainy days.

Here is a simple reminder to all of you. Having a bigger credit limit does not mean that you will spend it recklessly. Be smart about your money. In the end, if you do not weigh your wants from your needs properly, you will end up losing your life savings entirely. So be responsible with your money.

So in your opinion, do you think your current credit status can bring you the increased credit limit approval that you want? How are you handling your monthly dues to keep a positive credit score? Tell us in the comment section below. We would love to know more ideas and opinions from you guys.

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Alex Ocean is a financial adviser and expert on e-commerce and trading stocks. He teaches online financial courses for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Alex also hosts workshops for aspiring young professionals that aim to be successful at an early age.


  1. I received an offer to submit a limit increase request and I can’t access the link to enter my personal offer code (8091915414). I searched line as instructed in the letter.
    Any suggestions?

  2. I would like to increase my credit line with Chase.
    Recently received a letter from Chase to apply for an increase with a personal code number.

  3. I have the same comment as everyone on this site. I received a letter from Chase with a code and I have never been able to enter my code. This is the third time I’ve tried with no success. This is very annoying , especially after having read all the text above about increasing my line of credit. This is a waste of time. Either Chase wants us to increase our line of credit or they don’t. And if you DON’T, then stop sending us letters with codes we cannot use.

  4. You write me letters on a monthly basis however you say it’s simple just log in to yet when I do I get a funny letter. It is not that simple: I am told to enter my user ID then My password then tell me I have the wrong information… Then I am asked my social security number and or my credit card number. I don’t want to do that. I guess I will not increase my increase my line.

  5. I too received a letter with code to increase credit limit and the site won’t let me input the code. So ridiculous

  6. I received another invitation to increase my credit line via usps, but when I log on to the site the message is that I do not have an invitation to increase the line. Maybe I should be using my other credit cards for my purchases. Judging from the above complaints, chase needs to get their act together.

  7. got a letter and personal code to update my annual income but could not enter the code.I have been a very good customer and would like to increase my credit line, but this is not good business.I see others have had the same problem.


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