The Chase Customer Service hotlines are always available if you need them. So if you have some issues and some concerns that you need to address to them, they are just a call away. And even if you have no access to a phone, there are ways to get to them.

Chase Customer Service

In today’s topic, we will give you all the contact avenues of the Chase Customer Service. As a verified account holder, you should know or at least have a copy of all of their contact numbers and emails. That is because sooner or later, you will encounter problems along the way.

Just to be clear, we are not saying that Chase is a problematic financial service. The Chase bank and their credit card services are great. But we have to understand that no bank or in this case credit card service is perfect.

So for those scenarios where you stumble upon a credit card problem, activating your card, or increase your credit limit, here are Chase’s contact info. Get a notepad or your smartphone’s notepad and save these. Trust me when I say that this information will be handy in the coming future.

Chase Customer Service Contact Info

To give you a broader view, there are four major ways to contact Chase customer service. So you will never run out of avenues to contact them if you really have to.

  • Phone Hotline
  • Twitter Handle
  • Email
  • Snail Mail

Chase Bank Customer Phone Hotline

The fastest way to contact Chase customer service is through phone hotlines. Although that statement is true to its nature, it is not always that way. As you will find when you do make queries and address them your concerns, they are not as responsive as you might expect. Perhaps it is due to their thousands of customers calling them all day long. But when you do get connected, you may consider your issue resolved or at least being taken care of as soon as you put down the phone.

  • TTY/TDD Machines: 1-800-CHASETD, (1-800-242-7383)
  • 1-800-935-9935 – Toll-Free Hotline
  • (U.S. only) 1-877-242-7372
  • Outside the U.S.: 1-713-262-3300

Take note of these phone numbers as they are official and active hotlines. If you find other Chase hotline number and they sound shady, refrain from sharing your account information especially the ones that can access your online account.

Chase Bank Customer Care Email

The second faster way to contact Chase customer service is through the email method. You might not get an instant response and answer to your question, but at least you will have records of your concerns.

To email their customer service, you will need to log in to your Chase online account through their official website. You will need to find the “Secure Message Center.” From there, you will type your concern and send it to them directly.

The response is usually within the 24-hour period, but they say it is typically within two to three working days. So if you are in a hurry for a response, I guess you will have to settle for the phone call method. The email method seems appropriate for those who got time for waiting or their concerns are not as urgent as reporting their stolen credit card.

Chase Support Twitter Handle

The next method will be by using Chase Twitter handle. If you are into social media which you probably are, you should be familiar with Twitter. If not, I guess knowing that there is a Twitter way of contacting them should amount to something.

Assuming that you have a Twitter account, you may contact Chase or address them your concerns by using:

  • @Chase
  • @ChaseSupport
  • Twitter Account

Hopefully, they have someone online to check for their account holders’ concerns from there. According to some reports, they do respond from time to time especially when it is a legit concern.

Snail Mail

If you have time to wait and your concerns are not as urgent as everybody else but more important in a long-term situation, you may go for the snail mail method. There is rarely anyone that uses this method but rarely does not mean never. So they still provided a mailing address for those who prefer old-school communication.

Mailing Address:

National Bank By Mail

P O Box 36520

Louisville, KY 40233-6520

Deliveries via courier:

National Bank By Mail

Mail Code KY1-0900

416 West Jefferson, Floor L1

Louisville, KY, 40202-3202, United States

In Conclusion

There you have it. If you need to contact them in any way you are most comfortable with, the above contact info is available to you 24/7. If you have concerns, feel free to choose from the four methods we posted on this page.

Among the four methods, which one do you prefer the most? We know most of you will likely choose the phone hotline, but we also know that there are still some who prefer email and the Twitter way. So tell us your preferred option. We would love to know which one works for most people.

If you have other concerns and questions that are not answered in this page, feel free to leave your message in the comment section. We will answer them as soon as we can. And do share this to your friends and family that are Chase account holders too. This will be useful info for them.

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