For those of you who spend a lot of time on Steam playing and purchasing games and virtual currencies, this article is for you. If your only funds happen to be on PayPal, then paying for digital goods is a lot easier. Do you want to know more? Here is the tutorial on how to use PayPal on Steam.


How to Use PayPal on Steam

One of the safest and trusted online wallets in the world is PayPal. So it is just normal to find their service within the Steam platform.

Although there have been reports that PayPal was removed from Steam payment options, it didn’t actually take long. Perhaps there was just some update on policies or regulations that were implemented.

After a while, PayPal got back on Steam. And so, to prove that this is true, we tried it ourselves. Upon writing this article, we used our Steam account and made purchases on Steam. So let us show you how to use PayPal on Steam directly.

Use PayPal on Steam

Step 1: To start, log in to your Steam account using your web browser or the dedicated Steam app. We will advise using the dedicated Steam app as it is more secure.

Step 2: Next is just to choose any game title that you want to purchase. Any game inside Steam store will do.

Step 3: Then click on the “Add to Cart” button.

Step 4: On the next page, you will be given a choice whether you want the game for yourself or buy it as a gift. You should find the “Purchase for Myself” button and the “Purchase as a Gift” button. Click which one applies.

Step 5: After you click on the button, you should be redirected to the Payment Method page.

Step 6: Click under the “Please select a payment method” panel. It’s the drop-down panel.

Step 7: Choose PayPal as your preferred payment method as it is the one that we are trying to teach you with.

Step 8: Also, make sure to check the checkbox on “Save my payment information so checkout is easy next time.” This is so that Steam will remember your payment method option for next purchase that you make.

Step 9: Next, click on the “Continue” button below. It should direct you to another page.

Step 10: On the next page, you will find that in order to complete the transaction, you will have to log in to the official PayPal page. Read carefully before clicking anything especially buttons.

Step 11: Follow the prompt on the PayPal page and confirm the amount that you will pay for the transaction.

Step 12: Once done, click on the “Back to Merchant” button. This should bring you back to the Steam page.

Step 13: That’s it. That’s how you can use PayPal on Steam.

In Conclusion

If you did not skip the checkbox part on step #8 Steam will remember your preferred mode of payment. This means that it be much easier for you to access PayPal for when you next avail of any Steam product.

Finally, it would be best to keep your Steam password safe at all times. If you connect your PayPal on Steam and someone gains access to it, that someone could exploit your account. That will be a serious problem for you especially if your PayPal is connected to your bank account.

If there are some steps that you do not understand, please feel free to leave a message or question down at the comment section. We will try to answer all your queries as soon as we find it or as possible.

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