Giving gifts is a sign of generosity and care. With PayPal, you can express that by using PayPal Digital Gifts and sending them to your friends, families, and loved ones.

PayPal Digital Gift

When is the best time to send gifts? Anytime is a good time to be generous and show that you care and think of them. If you are an active PayPal account holder, you can now do that with PayPal Digital Gifts.

The best part is that there are a lot of merchandises and stores where PayPal Digital Gifts are accepted. So if the person you intend to give the PayPal Digital Gifts has some particular taste, go on to the PayPal Gifts website right now.

You should see that there are thousands of partners that you can choose from. And one of them might give some delight to your special person.

What are the PayPal Digital Gifts?

The PayPal Digital Gifts is a form of a prepaid card that is credited from an existing PayPal account. Only PayPal users can avail or purchase PayPal Digital Gifts. But even a non-PayPal user can use the digital gift to purchase anything or any merchant that accepts PayPal.

Please keep in mind that the PayPal Digital Gifts is not an actual gift card. It only comes as a set of codes. If you are the recipient of PayPal Digital Gifts, you should receive an email containing the code along with the instruction on how to use it.

How Does PayPal Digital Gifts Work?

Purchasing PayPal Digital Gifts

  1. Visit the PayPal digital store or the official eBay PayPal outlet.PayPal Digital Gifts
  2. Select from the wide selection of stores where PayPal Digital Gifts is accepted.
  3. By default, it should go straight to your PayPal verified account.
  4. But if you are sending it to someone else, you will only need to enter their email address. The recipient does not need to have a PayPal account. Any email service will work just fine.
  5. Now go to PayPal official page and log in your account.Log In
  6. From there, you should see the purchase that you made, complete the transaction.
  7. That’s it. The digital gift should now be ready for use.

Using the Digital Gifts

Using the PayPal Digital Gifts is easy. Besides, there will be an instruction included in the email where the digital gift code was sent.

Basically, you will only need to present the code when you check out along with the item that you want to buy. If you are purchasing from a website or online, just choose PayPal as your mode of payment and look for the portion where you can use the code to pay for the goods.

Important Reminder

  • Only a PayPal user can purchase a digital gift.
  • You can only buy one digital gift at a time if you are getting it from the official PayPal store.
  • If you choose eBay to buy PayPal Digital Gifts, you can purchase multiple times at once.
  • Aside from you that purchased the gift card, anyone with an email can use the card to make a purchase.
  • The gift card should be delivered to the recipient’s email within a couple of hours or a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Buy from PayPal authorized merchant to avoid fraud gift cards.
  • If you bought the gift card from eBay, there is a good chance that the email will go to the Spam folder. You might want to check it first before claiming that it didn’t arrive.
  • For cases that the email did not arrive after 24 hours, please do contact PayPal’s support team or customer care.
  • Generally, the PayPal Digital Gifts is only available for the US residents. So if you send a gift to a person to another country, he or she will need to come to America. Or use a method to make it appear that the gift is being used within the US territory.

PayPal Customer Support

Email us here.

Call us: 1-877-569-1148 (within US) or 1-402-935-2177 (outside US)*

*International call charges may apply

PayPal service hours:

Monday to Friday:

  • 4 am to 10 pm Pacific Time


  • 6 am to 8 pm Pacific Time

In Conclusion

Use PayPal Digital Gifts to pamper your loved ones any time of the year. It does not have to be holidays like Christmas to care and be thoughtful. Do it as often as possible. If you love someone, he or she deserves everything.

Feel free to leave your questions if you some in the comment section below. We will try to answer all of them as soon as we can.

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