Did you know that you can use USPS services with a discount using PayPal? We all know that PayPal has a feature that allows eBay merchants using their platform to have a special discount on a product or any item delivery. The PayPal secret shipping here is that you can actually use the same USPS service even if you are not a seller on eBay.

PayPal Secret Shipping

Sounds great? It is, actually. With USPS and PayPal platform, you can send any package using PayPal’s shipping label and have it delivered to the recipient using first class mail. And the best part is, you do not have to go to the post office and fall in line. Just drop off the package to any USPS bin, and you are good through.


What is PayPal Ship Now?

The PayPal Ship Now service is intended for online sellers to have a faster and easier way to send their packages. This is all thanks to PayPal, UPS, and USPS collaboration to bring the online community closer.

The PayPal Ship Now is available to all business and premier account. So if you are using a basic or personal account, you will need to upgrade your account status now to take advantage of this feature.

With PayPal Ship Now, you will have records of all your shipping activities. And these can help with issues such as reports of an item not delivered or bogus customers. You can use the record as evidence that you, in fact, ship the package and made its way to the buyer.

If you want to know about how PayPal Ship Now works, you may visit and read this article for the step-by-step guide. It’s a short guide so you should be able to do it in a jiffy.

Why Choose PayPal Ship Now

As you can see, this article is not just to promote the PayPal Ship Now. Nope. That is not the case. This is to let you know that PayPal’s service loophole can be exploited. Well, it’s not illegal, so we are not doing anything wrong.

We are basically taking advantage of the fact that we are PayPal account holders and we just happen to have the opportunity to enjoy these simple benefits of PayPal Ship Now. Anyway, here’s all you can enjoy this feature.

  • First and foremost, you can save a trip to the post office and fall in line. We all know that sometimes, it just takes too long a process just to get your package ready for shipping.
  • You get to have records of your shipment. Even if you are just a casual seller, you can enjoy this feature.
  • And speaking of record, it shows up on your PayPal log and monthly reports.
  • It gives a professional touch to your package. You can actually even request for a signature upon delivery. How’s that for up-close and personal?
  • With PayPal Ship Now, you will be able to send Media Mail, Express mail, and other mail classes.
  • It costs lesser compared to standard delivery method plus you can even get discounts paying online for any packages such as Priority Mail, First Class Packages, and Express mail packages.
  • Enjoy the first-class treatment with your package for a cheap price.
  • For multi-order shipping, you can customize the names and address on the label any way you want.
  • Enter the weight on the dashboard, and you get automatic conversion in price.
  • You get a real-time update of the shipping costs related to size and weight.
  • You can buy insurance online up to $500 for your package if it worth something.
  • The PayPal labeling works with FedEx labeling, UPS, and many other logistic services’ label sizes.
  • It can also act as a backup when the standard method of postage is not available.
  • The PayPal Ship Now can be used even if it is not your default shipping method.
  • You may use paper to print the PayPal labeling. Although we don’t recommend that due to its flaw with water but it is an option and possible.
  • You pay only what you ship or put as postage. There is no monthly fee like other postage plans.
  • You may use the USPS Delivery Confirmation number to track the status of the package through USPS-com tracking system.

Some Disadvantages

Well, if we don’t mention the negative side of this story, then that would be like saying that PayPal Ship Now is perfect. That is not realistic at all. So here are the flaws that you might encounter when using PayPal Ship Now.

  • If you are not doing this for your eBay account, then you should know that you will be typing the customer’s or of recipient’s personal information such as an address on the label. Unlike when it is from eBay, it is automatic. All you need is to review and confirm the data. Then, you can print right away.
  • Every label and every package get to have Delivery Confirmation. That means you need to pay for every label.
  • This feature does not allow over $500 worth of insurance.
  • To take full advantage of this feature, you must have a label printer. Otherwise, you will have to use tape on the label to attach on the package. If so, try not to cover the barcode with tapes.
  • There are no other add-ons, and it’s not even allowed like having a registration.
  • The label is limited to a ½ size of a sheet. That means you will need a flat surface for the best result and presentation of the package. Around 6” x 9” would be best.

In Conclusion

Now that we discussed both the good and the bad about the PayPal Ship Now, I would say, in my own opinion, it is still worth it. I mean, if we weigh both the advantages and disadvantages, we still end up with a better shipping or postage option.

But still, the final decision would be yours. You will be the one to decide if you think that this feature will suit you fine. If not, well, you have other options. Anyway, this is just a tip for those existing PayPal account holders both the casual seller and full-time merchant-based business.

Do you think the PayPal Secret Shipping is the one for you? If not, do you have other methods in mind? Tell us in the comment section below. We would love to know your inputs and ideas.

Feel free to ask questions and even leave a suggestion in the comment section. Rest assured that we will try to answer all of your queries as soon as we can.

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