If you are a seller using the PayPal platform, then there is very good news for you. You can now loan from PayPal and pay it only when you make a sale. This scheme is called PayPal Working Capital.

PayPal working capital

There are a lot of small businesses on PayPal. And most of them dream of making it big at what they do. So PayPal decided to make some arrangements that will give its small entrepreneurs a chance to expand their businesses. Or in the case for some people, it is a chance to recuperate from recent losses due to bad business timing or decisions.


What is PayPal Working Capital?

The PayPal Working Capital is some type of merchant cash advance that gives its account holder a fixed scheme to pay back the money. This scheme is only for those small businesses that operate using PayPal as their mode of payment.

If you are interested you may reach PayPal Customer Care hotlines. Or you can read the information here to get a good grasp of the information.

How to Avail of PayPal Working Capital?

PayPal Working Capital is readily available for all PayPal account holders that run small businesses. This means that if you have been in PayPal with your small business, you are likely eligible to avail this benefit. Here’s how it works.

  1. Open your web browser and go to PayPal Working Capital main page.
  2. Click the “Apply Now” button.PayPal Working Capital
  3. Log in your PayPal account.Log In
  4. Confirm all your information regarding your account.
  5. PayPal will then determine whether you are eligible to qualify to get the cash advance.Determining Eligibility
  6. You should be informed or notified shortly if you are approved or not.Approved
  7. Once approved, you may choose the amount of cash advance that you want.Select Loan Amount
  8. Choose the amount of percentage of your sales that you want to use as payment.Percent of sales to repay
  9. After you finish all the required fields, agree to the terms and conditions. It would be best to read it first as the information might prove useful for you.Contract
  10. Upon acceptance of your request, you should be able to see the loaned amount on your PayPal account shortly.
  11. That’s it. You may now use the funds to expand or improve your business.


  • Only PayPal verified business accounts are allowed to apply for this product.
  • You can loan up to 35% of your annual sales within PayPal.
  • You only need to pay the loaned amount when you receive a payment through PayPal with your business.
  • The deduction will be based on the percentage that you had agreed when you applied for the cash advance.
  • The loan will never incur extra charges for interest. You will only pay what you agreed to pay on the application form.
  • You must have at least three months of PayPal sales history.
  • The business must have a good reputable rating. That means less dispute or customer returns. Consult the customer service for this information.
  • PayPal Working Capital is not connected to your current credit score, so you will only be assessed and verified using your transaction history in PayPal.
  • You can only loan one at a time. That means, as long as you have an existing loan, you will need to wait until you pay it in full.

In Conclusion

PayPal Working capital is best for those business owners that need urgent funding for their business. Although it does not offer much in terms of the amount since it will only be based on your total sales history, it should still amount to something.

If you are currently in need of funding and you know that you can qualify, might as well hit that Apply button. You should be able to get the money a couple of minutes from now.

Do you have questions? Feel free to leave a message in the comment section so we can answer them as soon as possible.

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