PayPal’s Pay After Delivery program was a great feature for those that prefer having their purchased items delivered to them first before paying. It gives a significant peace of mind and security to the buyer. Knowing that they get to hold and test the product first then pay afterward.

PayPal Pay After Delivery

What is Pay After Delivery?

The Pay After Delivery service of PayPal is a payment method where you do not have to pay for any item that you purchase online until you receive it. This will give more security and confidence to the buyer when shopping online.

On the seller’s side, PayPal will pay the item outright when the purchase is made. This is so that the seller could deliver the item right away. That means PayPal will temporarily shoulder all the expenses until the transaction is fully realized and executed.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, this service from PayPal is no longer active and has been discontinued for a couple of months now. PayPal’s Pay After Delivery service may have been beneficial and proved to be useful for many, but somehow the company thought it is time for it to end.

If you have been one of those many users that have enjoyed the Pay After Delivery or PAD program of PayPal, it would probably come as a surprise to learn that the page about this service is no longer functional. If you go to its official page, you will find a short notice about the service’s discontinuation.

Pay After Delivery

Researching about PAD on different forums, you will find that a lot of PayPal users are not happy about this decision from the company. Some had even expressed disappointment because it had served a lot of online customers when it was live and available.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, PayPal would come up with a similar service to protect all its users from the danger of online purchases. These simple services give a lot of benefits to all PayPal users and therefore, should have been reconsidered in the near future.

In your opinion, was it right that PayPal decided to terminate the PAD service just like that? Tell us what you think in the comment section. We would love to know your thoughts on this matter.

Feel free to express your ideas or leave your questions and comments down below. We appreciate the interaction and the value of the information it brings to the community. Rest assured that we will try to respond to all your queries as soon as we can.

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